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As Forest Park Middle School undergoes construction this year,
the student body will be split into thirds:

• 6th graders will attend school at 91 School Street.
• 7th graders will attend school at 34 Kopernick Street.
• 8th graders will attend school at 1015 Wilbraham Road,
which is Duggan Middle School.


We are committed to ending Bullying in and out of school: Please visit our newest link:

Stop Cyber Bullying

  School Mission Statement

            The mission of Forest Park Middle School is to provide a quality education for every child. 

            The ultimate goal of Forest Park Middle School is to develop the skills needed to be successful in high school, as well as an appreciation and joy of life long learning. 

            Forest Park Middle School links the needs of our students, community, and society with the democratic ideals that require responsible and enlightened participation.

            Forest Park Middle School is a high achieving school with well defined and clear expectations of ourselves, our parents and our students.  Our partnership with Forest Park parents is the KEY to success at school.

          We believe that teachers should be  held accountable for teaching, parents should be held accountable for becoming involved in supporting their children, and students should be held accountable for putting forth the effort that will lead to academic success.

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