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Reference Essential Questions
Life Science Rubrics
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Informational Web-sites

Triple Beam Balances

Earth and Space Science

Mild Collision Spawned Earth’s Moon
Astronomy for Kids
Earth Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Ten Top Tools for Distance Learning
What is a star?
The Life Cycle of a Star
Moon & Earth Phases
The Moon and Tides
The Seasons
The Nine Planets
The Planets
What are Constellations?
The Structure of the Milky Way (suggested site to browse)
Newton's Law of Gravity
The Mystery of Gravity
Astronomy Notes
Newton's Law of Gravity
Mass vs. Weight
Kepler's Third Law
How Big is the Solar System?
Windows to the Universe  (this site is connected to PHSchool)
Online text and Prentice Hall Resources

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Reference and additional resource sites to explore:

Filamentality -

Dictionary -

Word research -

Education Oasis -  (graphic organizers)

The Old Farmers” Almanac -

RubiStar – .


Life Science

CELLS alive!

Inside a Cell
Tissues, Organs, & Systems
DNA from the Beginning
What's In Your DNA
What is Photosynthesis Click on: WHY DO LEAVES CHANGE COLOR IN THE FALL?
 Interactive Body Systems
Kid friendly, body systems
Flash website about body systems
 Human Body Adventure
 Tour of the Human Body
Travel Brochure of the Body Systems Lesson Plan with rubrics
New classification system
Classification system of organisms
Classification of Organisms
 Kingdom of Protists
Species Fact Sheets
Scientific Names
Resources on "Ecosystems"
Boreal Forest Species Fact Sheets
Biome Links
 Biomes of the World
The Great Plant Escape

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Physical Science

Super Scientists
Changes in Matter
The History of Chemistry
DENSITY Liquids & Solids
Planetary matter, density
Density and Buoyancy
Mass - Volume – Density
The pH Factor
Atoms and Molecules
Web Elements Periodic Table
Periodic Table
Physics 2000
Beginner’s Guide to Physics: Fizzics Fizzle

Aerospace Activities and Lessons
Amusement Park Physics
Physical Science Hotlist
The Physics Classroom
Roller Coasters
Wikipedia article on temperature
History of temperature
Topics related to heat and temperature
Heat Transfer
how temperature (K) affects practical movement
Forms of energy
Heat and energy
Detailed Graphic Organizers on Heat and Temperature.

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Springfield Public Schools Technology Department

Informational and Instructional Technology Services



Technology Lessons

Taking Apart Electrical Appliances -

The Design Process -

Teachers’ domain: need to be registered and signed-in

Challenge of Materials

Build an Earthquake Proof Bridge


Beginners Guide to Aeronautics

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Instructional Links for Lesson Plans

Here are some sites that have lesson plans or links to lesson plans that you can use. A few of these sites also include multi- or interdisciplinary units or lessons. Again, a few of them offer samples of worksheets but for a yearly fee you can get the complete program (i.e. EdHelper). To access these sites place your cursor on the site, hold down the control key and left click on the mouse.

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Sites for Essential Questions

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Rubric Internet Sites


Rubrics Maker

Rubrics in the classroom (also talks about teaching strategies)

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