Guide to Educational Acronyms

This glossary of educational terms and acronyms in current use is not exhaustive but aims to provide some guidance for those who wish to make sense of a large and complex policy domain in which there has been an unprecedented upsurge in local, state, and national policy initiatives.

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AAACE - American Association for Adult and Continuing Education
AACTE - American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education
AAHPERD - American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
AASA - American Association of School Administrators
AATD - Daily Attendance (SASI)
AATP - Period Attendance (SASI)
ABE - Adult Basic Education
ABLE - Adult Basic Learning Exam
AC - Assessment Center (often linked with ESP as in ESP/AC)
ACE - American Council on Education
ACLS - The Classes Screen (SASI) or Adult and Community Learning Services
ACT - American College Testing
ACTE - Association for Career and Technical Education
ACTFL - American Council on the Teaching of foreign Languages
AD - Activities Director or Athletic Director
ADA - Americans With Disabilities Act
ADAAG - Americans With Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines
ADC - Annual Data Collection
ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder
ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
AD-IN - Attention Deficit Information Network
ADL - Activities of Daily Living
ADP - Adult Diploma Program
AEA - Adult Education Act
AENR - The enrollment screen (SASI)
AER - Association for the Education and Rehabilitation of the blind and visually impaired
AERA - American Educational Research Association
AES - Alternative Educational Setting
AFS - American Field Service
AFT - American Federation of Teachers
AGATE - Association of Gifted and Talented Educators
AHEAD - Association for Higher Education and Disability
AIM - AOL Instant Messenger
AIT - Automated Information Technologies
ALC - Alternative Learning Center
ALP - Adaptive Learning Program
ALP - Administrative Licensure Program
ALT - MCAS Alternative Assessment
AMO - Annual Measurable Objective
AMTE - Association of Math Teacher Educators
AP - Advanced Placement
APE - Adaptive Physical Education
APRN - Parent/Guardian Screen (SASI)
ARC - Association for Retarded Citizens
ASCA - American School Counselors Association
ASCD - Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development
ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASD - Autistic Spectrum Disorder
ASE - Administrators for Special Education or Adult Secondary Education
ASTU - The Student Atom (SASI)
ASYNC - Asynchronous
ATA - Accountability and Targeted Assistance
ATCH - Teacher Screen (SASI)
AUSR - User (SASI)
AYP - Adequate Yearly Progress
AYUSA - Academic Year in the USA


BROOKE - Brookings Elementary School
BROOKM - Brookings Middle School
B.A. - Bachelor of Arts
BCA - Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
BD - Behaviorally Disturbed
BE - Bilingual Education
BEMS - Behavior Excellence Management System
BENL - Basic English in the Native Language
BEST - Basic English Skills Test or Basic Education Skills Test or Building Essential skills Through Training
BHE - Board of Higher Education
BIOS - Basic Input Output System
BLOG - Weblog
BMP - Bitmap
B.S. - Bachelor of Science
BSEA - Bureau of Special Education Appeals (within DOE)
BTP - Bureau of Transitional Planning ( See Chapter 688)


CA - Corrective Action School
CAGS - Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study
CAL - Center for Applied Linguistics
CALL - Computer Assisted language Learning
CAMS - Chestnut Accelerated Middle School
CAP - Corrective Action Plan
CASAS - Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System
CASSP - Child Adolescent Services System Program
CAT5 - Category 5 Cable
CBI - Content Based Instruction
CBO - Community Based Organization
CBOETP - Competency Based Occupational Educational transition Program
CCLC - Century Community Learning Centers
CD - Compact Disk or Certificate of Deposit or Competency Determination
CDBG - Community Development Block Grant
CDE - Career Education Development
CD-R - Compact Disk Recordable
CD-RW - Compact Disk Rewritable
CDT - Character Development Target
CEC - Council for Exceptional Children
CEU - Educational Unit
CF - Compact Flash (card) or Critical Friends
CFR - Code of Federal Regulations
CHADD - Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder
CHESP - Community Higher Education school Partnerships
CHINS - Child In Need of Services
CHIP - Child Health Insurance Plan
CIT - Crisis intervention Team
CL - Content Literacy
CLC - Commonwealth Literacy Campaign
CLS - Community Service Learning
CMAST - Consortium of Mathematics and science Teaching
CMP - Connected Math Program
CO - Central Office
COABE - Commission of Adult Basic Education
CORI - Criminal Offender Record Information
CP - Canadian Print or Cerebral Palsy
CPC - Community Partnerships for Children
CPDT - Collaborative Professional Development Teacher
CPI - Composite Performance Index
CPR - Center for Public Resources
CPU - Central Processing Unit
CQI - Continuous Quality Improvement
CRISS - Creating independence through Student Owned Strategies
CS - Child Study
CS2 - Communities and Schools for Career Success
CSL - Community Service Learning
CSPD - Comprehensive System of Personnel Development
CSR - Comprehensive School Reform
CST - Child Study Team
CTBS - Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills
CTSG - Curriculum/Technology Support Group
CYDE - Center for Youth Development and Education


DA - District Assessment or District Attorney
DAEL - Division of Adult Education and Literacy
DCAP - District Curriculum Accommodation Plan
DCS - Division of Career Services
DD - Developmentally Delayed
DDC - Developmental Disabilities Council
DET - Division of Employment and Training
DHHS - Department of Health and Human Services
DIBELS - Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills
DI - Differentiated Instruction
DIP - District Improvement Plan
DLC - Disability Law Center
DLP - District Learning Plan
DMH- Department of Mental Health
DMR - Department of Mental Retardation
DOB - Date Of Birth
DOC - Department of Commerce or Department of Correction
DOE - Department Of Education
DOL - Department Of Labor
DOR - Department Of Revenue
DPC - District Policy Committee
DPH - Department of Public Health
DPI - Dots Per Inch
DPW - Department of Public Welfare
DRA - Developmental Reading Assessments
DRI - Diagnostic Reading Inventory
DSS - Department of Social Services
DTA - Department of Transitional Assistance
DUA - Division of Unemployment Assistance
DVD - Digital Video Disk
DWD - Department of Workforce Development
DYS - Department of Youth Services


EA - English Audio
EAG - Elementary Academic Grading
EAP - Employee Assistance Program
EB - English Braille
EBD - Emotional Behavior Disorder
EC - Early Childhood
ECHS - Early College High School
ECOS - Environmental center for Our Schools
ECSE - Early Childhood Special Education
ED - Executive Director or Emotionally Disturbed
EDGAR - Education Department General Administration Regulations
EDP - External Diploma Program
EDRS - Electronic Data reporting Service
EETT - Enhancing Education Through Technology
EEO - Equal Employment Opportunity
EF - Educational Foundation
EFF - Equipped For the Future
EHA - Education of the Handicapped Act
EHCC - Employee Health Care Consortium
EI - Early Intervention or English Immersion
EIP - Early Intervention Program
EL - Expeditionary Learning
ELA - English Language Arts
ELACPDT - English Language Arts Collaborative Professional Development Teacher
ELL - English Language Learner
ELLCO - English Language Learner Central Office
ELOB - Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound
EMAC - Education Management Audit Council
EMMC - Elementary Math Curriculum Committee
EOC - Educational Opportunity Center
EOE - Educational Opportunity Equity
EOHHS - Executive Office of Health and Human Services
EOM - Emergency Operating Manual
EP - English Print
EPSDT - Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment
EQA - Office of Educational Quality and Accountability
E-RATE - Education Rate (federal discount)
ERF - Early reading First Grant
ERI - Early Reading Intervention
ERIC - Education Resources Information Center
ERISA - Employee Retirement Security act
ES - Emotional Support
ESEA - Elementary and Secondary Education Act
ESL - English as a Second Language
ESLOA - English as a Second Language Oral Assessment
ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages
ESP - Emergency Services Program (ESP/AC is now known as Springfield Academy) or Elementary Stabilization Program
ETL - Evaluation Team Leader (SPED)
ETLO/EDC – Education Technology Leaders Online/Education Development Center
ETO - Exploring Options for Children Autism Grant
ETS - Educational Telecommunications System or Educational Talent Search or Employment Training Specialist


F2F - Face to Face
FA - Fiscal Agent
FAFSA - Financial Application for Federal Student Aid
FAPE - Free Appropriate Public Education
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
FASN - Federation for Children with Special Needs
FBA - Functional Behavioral Assessment
FBO - Faith Based Organization
FC - Facilitated Communication
FCS - Family and Consumer Sciences
FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
FLAP - Foreign Language Assistance Grant for school programs to begin, expand, or improve foreign language study in elementary and secondary settings.
FLEP - Formerly Limited English Proficient
FLIP - One Year Federal Reward Grant for Elementary schools that provides students foreign language instruction to lead to communicative competency in foreign language
FMLA - Family Medical Leave Act
FR - Federal Register
FTE - Full Time Equivalent
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
FYI - For Your Information


GB - Gigabyte
GED - General Educational Development or General Equivalency Diploma
GEDTS - General Educational Development Testing Service
GIG - Gigabyte
GLE - Grade Level Equivalency
GPA - Grade Point Average
GRE - Graduate Record Exam


HD - Hard Drive
HE - Higher Education
HHC - Hand Held Computer
HI - Hearing Impaired
HotSync - Synchronize your palm One handheld computer
HMO - Health Maintenance Organization
HQ - Highly Qualified
HR - Home Room or Human Resources
HTML - Hypertext Markup Language
HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HUD - Department of Housing and Urban Development


IB - International Baccalaureate (there is also a pre-IB program)
IBMYP - International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program
IBNA - International Baccalaureate National Association
ICO - Instructional Change Objective
IDBF - International Data Base Form
IDC - Indirect Costs
IDEA - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IDEL - Individuals with Disabilities Education Law Report
IEE - Independent Educational Evaluation
IEP - Individualized Education Plan
IEU - Individualized Educational Unit
IFL - Institute for Learning
IFSP - Individualized Family Service Plan
IHCP - Individual health Care Plan
ILP - Individual Learning Plan
ILT - Instructional Leadership Team
INS - Immigration and Naturalization Service
IP - Internet Protocol
IPDP - Individual Professional development Program
ISD - Independent School District
ISDN - Integrated Service Digital Network
ISP - Individualized Service Plan or Internet Service Provider
IT - Information Technology
ITBS - Iowa Test of Basic Skills
ITP - Individualized transition Plan (chapter 688)
ITV - Interactive Television


JA - Junior Achievement
JPO - Juvenile Probation Office


K - Kindergarten
K-8 - Kindergarten thru eighth grade
KB - Kilobyte
KF - Kindergarten Full Day
KWL - Know-- Want to Know-- Learn


LAN - Local Area Network
LAS - Language Assessment Scales
LASID - Locally Assigned Student Identification Number
LASW - Looking At Student Work
LD - Learning Disabled
LDA - Learning Disability Association
LDAM - Learning Disability Association of Massachusetts
LEA - Local Educational Authority
LEP - Limited English Proficient
LINCS - Literacy information and Communication System
LLD - Language Learning Disability
LRC - Learning Resource Center
LRE - Least Restrictive Environment
LS - Life Skills
LSC - Life Skills Center
LSW - Looking at Student Work
LTD - Long Term Disability
LVA - Literacy Volunteers of America


MA - Massachusetts
MAAPS - Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools
MABE - Massachusetts Association for Bilingual Education
MAC - Massachusetts Advocacy Center
MAN - Municipal Area Network
MASC - Massachusetts Association of School Committees
MASS - Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents
MASSPAC - Massachusetts Association of Special education parent Advisory Councils
MATP - Massachusetts Assistive technology Partnership
MATSOL - Massachusetts association of teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
MB - Megabyte
MBLC - Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners
MCAD - Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination
MCAE - Massachusetts Coalition for Adult Education
MCAS - Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System
MCDI - Massachusetts Career Development Institute
MCPDT - Math Collaborative Professional Development Teacher
MD - Multiple Disabilities
MDF - Main Distribution Frame
MDS - Multiple Disabilities Support
MEET - Project Meet
MELA-O - Massachusetts English Language Assessment -Oral
MEPA - Massachusetts English Proficiency Assessment
MERA - Massachusetts Education Reform Act
METCO – Metropolitan Cooperation
MFB - Maximum Feasible Benefit
MFLC - Massachusetts Family Literacy Commission
MGL - Massachusetts General Laws
MHZ - Megahertz
MIAA - Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association
MIG - Mathematics Instructional Guide
MMC - Multi-Media Card
MMSP- Massachusetts Mathematics and Science Partnerships Program
MOA - Memorandum of Agreement
MOSTWT - Massachusetts Office of School To Work Transition
MOU - Memorandum of Understanding
MP3 - Mpeg Layer 3
MPEG - Motion Picture Experts Group
MR - Mental Retardation
MRC - Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
MSAP - Magnet Schools Assistance Program
MSP - Mathematics Science Partnership
MSPCC - Massachusetts Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Children
MTA - Massachusetts Teachers Association
MTEL - Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure
MYP - Middle Years program (IB)


N - New
NAEP - National Assessment of Educational Progress
NAEYC - National Association for the Education of Young Children
NAIS - National Association of Independent Schools
NASBE - National Association of State Boards of Education
NASDTEC - National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification
NAST - National Association of School Technologists
NCAL - National Center on Adult Literacy
NCATE - National Council for Accreditation for Teacher Education
NCES - National center for Educational Statistics
NCFL - National center for Family Literacy
NCLB - No Child Left Behind
NCME - National Council on Measurement in Education
NCSALL - National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy
NCTE - National Council of Teachers of English
NCTM - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
NEA - National Education Association
NEASC - New England Association of Schools and Colleges
NELMS - New England League of Middle Schools
NELRC - New England Literacy Resource Center
NESA - National Even Start Association
NGA - National Governors Association
NHSA - National Head Start Association
NICHCY - National Information Center for Children & Youth with Disabilities
NICHD - National Institute of Child health and Human Development
NIFL - National Institute for Literacy
NIMH - National Institute for Mental Health
NLD/NVLD - Non Verbal Learning Disability
NLL - Native Language literacy
NOC - Network Operations Center
NRS - National Reporting System
NSDC - National Staff Development Council
NSF - National Science Foundation


OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
OCR - Office of Civil Rights
ODD - Oppositional Defiance Disorder
OFC - Office For Children
OHI - Other Health Impaired
OITA - Office of Information, Technology and Accountability
OMB - Office of Management and Budget
OOP - Operation Of Plant
OOZ - Out Of Zone
OPD - Online Professional Development
ORI - Office for Refugees and Immigrants
OS - Operating System
OSEP - Office of Special Education Programs
OSG - Operational Support Group
OT - Occupational Therapy
OVAE - Office of Vocational and Adult Education
OWA - Outlook Web Access


PA - Prior Approval or Pending Approval or Pending Appeal
PAC - Parent Advisory Committee
PAF - Pupil Assignment File
PAL - Parent and professional Advocacy League
PALSPreK - Parent and professional Advocacy League Pre-Kindergarten
PAN - Personal Area Network
PARA - Paraprofessional
PAWG - Performance and Accountability Working Group
PCA - Personal Care Assistant
PD - Professional Development
PDC - Professional Development Center
PDD - Pervasive Developmental Disorder
PDF - Portable Document Format
PDPs - Professional Development Points
PDS - Professional Development School
PE - Physical Education
PERMNUM - Locally Assigned Student Identification Number
PFDA - Pupil Fair Dismissal Act
PIC - Parent Information Center
PIM - Performance Improvement Mapping
PK - Pre-Kindergarten
PL-101-476 - The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
PL-105-17 - The Individuals With disabilities Amendments
P of L - Principles of Learning
PM - Project Management
PMO - Project Management Office
PMT - Physical Management Training
PPVT - Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test
PQA - Program Quality Assurance
PR - Public relations
PS - Physical Support
PT - Physical Therapy
PTA - Parent Teacher Association
PTI - Parent Training and Information
PTO - Parent Teacher Organization
PU - Pupil Unit
PVTA - Pioneer Valley Transit Authority
PYP - Primary Years Program (IB)


QED - Quality Education Data
QLC - Quality Life Concepts


R - Re-entry student
RAC - Regional Advisory Council
RAM - Random Access Memory
RBT - Research for Better Teaching
RCI - Responsive Classroom 1
RCII - Responsive Classroom 2
REB - Regional Employment Board
REBA - Regional Education and Business Alliance
REEP - Refuge Education and Employment Program
RF - Reading First grant
RFP - Request For Proposal
RIF - Reduction In Force
ROM vRead Only Memory


SABES - System for Adult Basic Education Support
SAC - Statewide Advisory Council
SAFE - Schools Are for Everyone
SASI - School Administrative Student Information System
SASID - State Assigned Student Identification Number
SASIxp - School Administrative Student Information System Cross Platform
SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test
SCDM - School Centered Decision Making team
SCORE - Student Conflict Resolution Experts
SD - Secure Digital
SDA - Service Delivery Areas
SDFSC - Safe and Drug Free School and Community
SDIS - Self Directed Improvement System
SEA - Springfield Education Association or State Education Agency
SEC - Special Education Consultant
SECEP - Springfield Early Care and Education Partnership
SED - Severely Emotionally Disturbed
SEEC - Springfield Early Education Collaborative
SEI - Sheltered English Immersion
SEPAC - Special education parent Advisory Council
SES - Supplemental Educational Services
SFA - Success For All
SIMS - State Information Management System
SINI - School In Need of Improvement
SIO - School Improvement Officer
SIP - School Improvement Plan
SIS - Student Information System
SIV - School Improvement Visit
SLC - Small Learning Communities
SLD - Specific Learning Disabilities
S/LI - Speech learning Impaired
SLO - Student Learning Objective
SMARTT - System for Managing Accountability and Results Through Technology
SMCC - Secondary Math Curriculum Committee
SML - Street Master List
SNAP - Special Needs Advocate for Parents
SOW&L - Summer of Work and learning
SPAC - Springfield Parents Advisory Committee
SPAN - Springfield Parents Advisory Network
SPAN - Special Needs Advocacy Network
SPD - Springfield Police Department
SPED - Special Education
SPEDPAC - Special Education Parent Advisory Council
SPFLDPUBSH - Springfield Public Schools Windows Domain
SPL - Student Performance Level
SPS - Springfield Public Schools
SPSLI - Springfield Public Schools Leadership Institute
SS - Summer School or Support Services
SSDI - Social Security Disability Income
SSMT - Sheltered Subject Matter Teaching
SSI - Supplemental Security Income ( Social Security)
SSP - Student Success Plan
SSS - Springfield School System
SSV - Springfield School Volunteers
ST - Service Teams
STAT - Student Teacher Assistance Team
STC - School To Career
STCU - Springfield teachers Credit Union
STP - Student Performance Goal
STW - School To Work
SUC P - Success Plans
SUS - Step Up Springfield
SYNC - Synchronous


TA - Technical Assistance or Task Analysis or Teacher Assistant
TABE - Test of Adult Basic Education
TAC - Transition Advisory Committee (Chapter 688)
TAFDC - Transitional Assistance to Families with Dependent Children
TAG - Talented And Gifted
TASH - The Association for persons with Severe Handicaps
TDD - Telecommunication Device for the Deaf
TERC - (Investigations ?)
TESL - Teaching English as a Second Language
TESOL - Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages
TIES - Technology and Information Educational Services
TMOZ - Transferred Moved Out of Zone
TPR - Transferred Parent Request or Total Physical Response
TPS - Transferred Per Supervisor
TRA - Teachers Retirement Association
TRP - Teacher Resource Packet
TSA - Tax Sheltered Annuity
TTY - Telecommunication Device for the Deaf


URL - Universal resource Locator
USB - Universal Serial Bus
USC - United States Code
USCIS - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
USDOE - U.S. Department of Education


VES - Virtual Education Space
VHS - Virtual High School
VI - Visually Impaired
VOIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol
VPA - Visual and Performing Arts
VPN - Virtual Private Network
VR - Virtual Reality
VSMS - Van Sickle Middle School


WAN - Wide Area Network
WC - Workers Compensation
WIA - Workforce Investment Act or Welfare Investment Act
WIB - Workforce Investment Board
WL - Wait List



YMCA - Young Men’s Christian Association
YWCA - Young Women’s Christian Association


ZanettiE - Zanetti Elementary School
ZanettiM - Zanetti Middle School

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