SPS Departments, Programs & Organizations:

Department Name
Department Head
Phone Number
Website Link
Adult Education Center Mr. Armando Feliciano 413-787-7210
Assessment, Research and Accountability Ms. Denise M. Matuszczak 413-787-6595
Assistive Technology Dr. Mary Anne Morris 413-787-7176
Athletics Mr. Michael Martin 413-787-7126
Business & Financial Services Mr. Patrick Roach 413-787-7136
Communications Ms. Azell Cavaan 413-787-7575
ECOS (Environmental Center for Our Schools) Program Mr. Ronald St. Amand 413-787-6493
Educator Licensure Ms. Ann Ferriter 413-787-7134
English Language Arts Mr. Brian Dickey 413-787-7133
English Language Learner/Language Acquisition Ms. Kerry Martins 413-787-7447
Extended Instruction Ms. Connie Mahoney 413-787-7020
Facility and Custodial Services Mr. Robert Mulcahey 413-787-7179  
Family Education Department Ms. Linnette Camacho 413-787-7910
Grants Management Office Dr. Denise L. Pagán-Vega 413-787-6769
Human Resources Ms. Melissa Shea 413-787-7180
Homeless Education Services Ms. Shannon Barry 413-787-7294
Information, Technology, and Accountability Mr. Paul Foster 413-787-7125
Instructional Technology Mr. Paul Foster 413-787-7125
Literacy Intervention Ms. Heather Rollins    
Mathematics Ms. La'Tasha Green 413-787-7112  
Magnet Program Mr. Joshua Bogin 413-787-7750
Nursing Ms. Jeanne Clancy 413-787-7137
Parent & Community Engagement Center Ms. Patricia Spradley 413-787-6597
Payroll Department Ms. Cris Murphy 413-787-7190
Physical Education, Health and Family & Consumer Science Ms. Michelle Heim 413-787-7134
Prevention & Intervention Services Ms. Connie Mahoney 413-787-7020
Procurement/AP Department Ms. Dorine Lasky 413-787-7159
Professional Development Ms. Michelle Macklin 413-787-7091
Reading Mrs. Susan Gosselin 413-787-6594
Safety & Security Mr. William Baker 413-787-7170
School & Community Partnerships Mr. Jeff Welch 413-787-7121
Science Mr. Ronald St. Amand 413-787-7158
Social Studies Ms. Susan Majka 413-787-7074
Special Education Dr. Mary Anne Morris 413-787-7176
Springfield School Volunteers Ms. Denise N. Cogman 413-787-7015
Student Assignment Services
(formerly PIC)
Dr. Lourdes Soto 413-787-7276
Student Support Services (Guidance & Counseling) Ms. Yolanda Johnson 413-787-7021  
Transportation Department Ms. Maria D'Angelantonio 413-787-7152
Visual and Performing Arts Ms. Julie Jaron 413-787-7069

Local, State & Federal Organizations:

Organization Name
Organization Website
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)
U.S. Department of Education

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